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Although Rice Cookers are used most in Asian and Latin countries, I find it one of my favorite kitchen appliances.  Don’t know how I could live without one.

I’ve been using a rice cooker for about 30 years.  I’m not Asian or Latino and have never lived outside the United States, but I did live in Hawaii and that is where I was first introduced to the rice cooker.  I was a care giver for a local woman on the Big Island.  I never even saw a rice cooker before living with her, but immediately knew it was an appliance that would be in my life forever.

OK…..Let me list my favorite reasons for this:

  • You measure rice and water, turn it on, and forget it
  • No more boiling over on the stove
  • It has a warmer and will keep your rice ready until the rest of the meal is complete.
  • It can cook white or brown rice
  • You can add seasoning and vegetables
  • You can even add a frozen, boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • It works with those seasoned packages you buy at the grocery store
  • It’s just as easy to clean as that pot on the stove
  • Some models can steam vegetables
  • Some models can be used like a crock pot

Now if you’re someone that loves “instant” or “Minute Rice”, then you might not be interested in a rice cooker.  But….once you become used to regular rice, whether white, brown, or sushi rice, you won’t go back to instant.

There are many reviews on the best rice cookers, but if you ask me, they are all going to work very similar.  In fact, I have a Rival and, although I didn’t see many reviews on my model, I’ve had the same Rival rice cooker for 20 years.  You can’t beat that.

Silly me went out and bought another just like it maybe 10 years ago because it was on sale and I didn’t think the one I had would last much longer.  Most appliances don’t.  And here I am, another 10 years later, still using the first one.  Amazing!

That second rice cooker did come in handy when my husband had to go on an extended business trip with a lengthy hotel stay.  He took it with him and made some great one pot meals right in the hotel room.  He is not one to spend much time being creative in the kitchen, but using a rice cooker is so easy, even someone that doesn’t have that “cooking gene”, can create some wonderful dishes.

And….. rice is gluten free and cholesterol free.

Plus, when the water has absorbed into the rice, it just knows and will switch from the “cook” setting to the “warm” setting.  No more burning and cleaning the bottom of scorched pans.  It’ll stay warm until you’re ready to serve.

Rice Cooker | Do you really need to read all the reviews?

Although I love my Rival rice cooker, I have seen some other cookers that seem like they would be just as easy to use and clean.  They range in price from $25 to over $300.  Just decide what size you need to accommodate your family and what special features you would like to have (and would use).  All rice cookers will cook white rice, but if you cook brown rice more often, be sure the one you purchase will be good for brown rice.

I read one review that said a 2 cup rice cooker was the size for a small family or couple. Well, I don’t know about your family, but that would never have worked for my husband and myself. I like to cook extra and freeze separate meals for later. One of our favorite meals is chili and rice. One huge pot of chili and 6 or more servings of rice makes a lot of single servings for your freezer.

I read the article on making pasta in the rice cooker.  I haven’t tried it, but it’s on my list of things to do.

Now that I’ve told you how wonderful the rice cooker is, it has made me want to experiment a little with some new recipes.  If you would like to be updated with some new rice recipes, please sign up for my news letter.  It’s on the right hand side of this page near the top.

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